Physical security is an important issue for public utilities.  As threats have become more sophisticated, regulations have also increased to protect against security breaches such as vandalism and terrorist attacks.   These developments have lead to new requirements for all potential openings that may be vulnerable to attack.  From gates and substation doors, to valves and transformer, utilities need effective security solutions.

At Midwest Security Products we offer a variety of products and technologies to meet the physical security needs of our utility customer.  From heavy duty high security mechanical locks to intelligent electronic locking systems,   we can provide a solution for virtually every application.  We also support all of the technologies we offer with in-house training, technical support and field installation services.


We work closely with utility customers to understand their objectives and how we can assist.  We can provide support on locking system design, which technologies are best for the goals and applications, and planning for future expansion.  Our team can perform site surveys to ensure a successful outcome.  We also offer nationwide installation and repair services.

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High Security Locking Systems

One of the biggest concerns for public utilities is that locks have been in place for many years and no one knows who has keys.  Most keys can be copies at the local hardware store with no authorization required, and the locks they operate offer little to no protection.  We proudly offer high security products with UL ratings for physical security and US Patents to procect against unauthorized key duplication.

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Key Control and Key System Management

One of the most important, yet overlooked areas of security is key control.  To effectively control access you must be able to control and track access to keys.  Even with electronic access control systems, you must have a way to control override keys. We offer a variety of tools to support end users and maintain tight control over their lock & key systems.

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Intelligent Locking Systems                (e-Cylinder) 

Intelligent locking systems are an effective tool for regulatory compliance.  Like traditional (wired) access control, intelligent keys are assigned to individuals and programmed with access rights.  However, since these locks are not hard-wired they can be used virtually anywhere including gates, containers, wind turbines, and so on.

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Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Products

Public utility applications can be very demanding.  We offer heavy duty commercial grade products to withstand the harsh conditions that can be found in this market.  Whether your needs call for weather resistant padlocks, durable access control, or heavy duty exit devices, we can provide the right solution.

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National Account Management

Our dedicated team offers full support for lock & key system management and technical issues.  Our team can help you troubleshoot technical issues, and provide installation and service support if needed.

Field Services

From site surveys to project management and installation, Midwest Security Products can assist customers in the field to ensure a successful deployment.



Heavy equipment for critical infrastructure is often produced in other countries, which leads to a wide variety of locks and hardware that are not made to domestics standards.  This can make it difficult to obtain service and to source additional products or replacement parts.


At Midwest Security Products we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom locks and hardware.  Our approach is to create products for unique applications and integrate the best high security locking technologies.  This allows us to integrate all openings into the same key system, giving you the convenience and security you need.

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Proudly Serving Our Community

We believe it’s important to give back to our community.  Midwest Security Products is proud to sponsor the Boys and Girls Clubs of Toledo, and the First Tee of Lake Erie and support the organizations as they work to enhance the lives of children in our area. 

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