iLOQ S50 Series

iLOQ S50 Series 

Unlocking a world of possibilities

The iLOQ S50 is revolutionizing the way mobile access management serves the retail industry. iLOQ has eliminated the need for physical keys and battery-powered lock cylinders completely and has placed the power to unlock a world of possibilities inside a smartphone. Secure and fully digital cloud-based access sharing saves time, money and resources making everyday operations easier than ever before.

By eliminating the need for physical keys, iLOQ has created a mobile access management solution that will save users time, money, and resources:

• No Mechanical Keys
• No Key Management
• No Battery Replacement
• No Travel to Deliver or Collect Keys
• No Rekeying Mechanical Locks
• FAST Mobile Sharing and Access Rights Management
• EASY TO USE All-In-One Software for Complete System Management



Your smartphone is the key:
An NFC-enabled smartphone (Android or iOS) replaces the traditional key and grants access.

Over-the-air access sharing:
The iLOQ S50 App receives access rights instantly and remotely. The app lies dormant in the background with no impact on the phone’s battery life.

The keyless smart lock:
Holding your phone or fob close to the lock provides the required power for unlocking. Locks are maintenance free, easy to install, and no batteries or hard-wiring are required.

Secure management and easy integration:
The iLOQ Manager Software (SaaS) enables highly secure management of multiple access rights. The iLOQ Manager can also be integrated with other acces control and scheduling systems.

NFC Key Fob:
For companies that prefer an alternative to using smartphones as credentials, iLOQ offers a NFC Key Fob option.

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