Medeco – Mechanical Key System Technologies


Medeco has been a leader in high security and patented mechanical locking technologies for over 50 years. Medeco offers a comprehensive range of retrofit cylinders, with various levels of security options to meet your needs. Systems range from patented key control to full UL437 LISTED high security solutions. 

Medeco mortise cylinder

Medeco 4

Medeco 4 (M4) is the newest high security locking technology from Medeco Security Locks. The new design features a moveable element in the key to enhance security and protect against unauthorized key duplication with 3D printers. The M4 Series is a full line of replacement cylinders that will upgrade almost any locking hardware to the highest levels of security and key control.

medeco locking technologies


Medeco³ High Security Cylinders feature UL437 Listed physical strength components like the triple locking technology for ultimate pick resistance and solid brass construction with strategically placed hardened inserts to thwart drilling attacks.

medeco m3 key

Medeco X4

Medeco X4 is an economic and effective key system for large facilities.  Medeco X4 has one of the largest master key capabilities on the market.  This allows facility managers to tie everything together under one key for ease, convenience and efficiency.  Additionally, Medeco X4 easily retrofits into existing systems so installation time is minimal. Medeco X4 is the perfect security upgrade for small  format interchangeable core (SFIC) installations for “BEST” style systems.  In addition to SFIC cylinders, Medeco X4 is also available in many other styles of retrofit cylinders and can be keyed into a single system.

Medeco X4 key

Medeco B

Introduced in 2003, the Medeco3 technology added a secondary locking element lock and key for even greater security and keying capabilities. Medeco3’s patented high security technology provides protection against unauthorized duplication of keys.

Medeco B key

Medeco DuraCam

Used primarily in gaming and parking applications, this unique design and heavy duty key provides added durability for applications that require both high security and extreme durability. DuraCam’s patented high security technology also protects against unauthorized duplication of keys.

Medeco DuraCam