Key Systems, Inc.

Key Systems, Inc.

Key Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in key and asset security management, offering several styles of electronically controlled cabinets to store, audit and manage keys and assets.

Custom SAM

Key Systems, Inc. offers several styles of electronically controlled cabinets to store, audit and manage your keys and assets.  This is our standard Security Asset Manager™ unit. You can personalize these devices to secure a wide variety of sensitive items. Access is assigned to one or more users based on configuration through GFMS™ Software. PIN access is standard and a host of other access options are available.

Security Asset Manager

The SmartPlug Security Asset Manager™ is one of the most compact storage capacity products available.  Assets may be returned to any open position within your SmartPlug SAM system, which is powered by Global Facilities Management System™ software. Each SmartPlug is tracked by a unique electronic serial number.  GFMS™ Software provides many functions including live monitoring of SAM status and user activity, reports, alarm alerts, and much more.

plug box

Direct Control SAM’s are designed for integration with an access control system. These cabinets feature clearly marked pass-through row boards with screw terminals for easy connection to an existing control system. In addition, Direct Control SAM can include almost all options* found in the standard SAM line, such as a variety of lock types, direct entrapment of important master keys, compatibility with Tamper-Proof Key Rings and more.

Security Asset Manager

Key and card access go hand in hand across the multiple industries that Key Systems, Inc. products serve. Our Card SAM provides controlled access, storage and reporting for the cards critical to your facilities operation.

Internal card

The SWATBox® features an embedded install which conceals physical assets within your facility wall and away from public view. Use PIN, ID device or any web enabled device (e.g., laptop, smart phone) to gain access to assets on the spot. The customizable interior cavity may hold cards and keys or act simply as a locked drawer. Our solar powered model allows you to secure and monitor assets in remote or unmanned locations.

swat box

The SurfaceSWAT™ from Key Systems, Inc. was designed to meet today’s security challenges. This emergency entry device grants authorized users access to keys and other small, stored assets. Easy installation, indoor/outdoor use and weather-proof electronics make this product ideal for remote applications.

Surface swat