Medeco Padlocks


Medeco padlocks offer strong physical security and a wide variety of key system options.  These padlocks are available in all of the Medeco Intelligent Key and high security mechanical technologies. The AWP, System Series and 50 Series are also available with Small format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) cylinders.

Midwest Padlock medeco
Medeco padlocks are available in the following technologies:

Medeco All Weather Padlocks (AWP Series)
The All Weather Padlock (AWP Series) offers the highest level of padlock weather and severe service protection available from Medeco. The body is solid 303 stainless steel and is available with either a stainless steel or hardened boron alloy shackle. The AWP series is designed for installations requiring service in harsh weather conditions. Applications include outdoor perimeter security fencing (ideal for remote gates), off-site buildings, tool cabinets, storage trailers, and transportation cargo containers.

Medeco AWP

The System Series padlock offers a high security solution in two distinctive body styles, an indoor/outdoor weather resistant design or shrouded shackle. Both models utilize a boron alloy steel shackle for strength and cut resistance.

Technology options include:

  • Available in Intelligent Key and mechanical Key technologies
  • Fixed core and SFIC
Medeco System Series

The Medeco Puck style padlocks come with a hardened, solid steel bodies and a shackle-less design for the highest level of protection against bolt cutter attacks, and patent protected key control. 

  • Available in Medeco XT and mechanical technologies
Medeco Puck Lock

The Medeco® G8R body is constructed of solid stainless steel. You can choose from either a stainless steel shackle for maximum corrosion resistance, or hardened steel to withstand severe physical attack. Each padlock includes a weather seal cap attached by a cable.

  • Available in Medeco XT and mechanical technologies
G8R Medeco Padlock