Midwest Security Stockroom Alarm

Standalone Stockroom Alarm


The Standalone Stockroom Alarm (SSA) is an alert system to notify you when people access an area without authorization. This alarm is ideal for areas like retail stockrooms where employees need regular access, but the general public should not access.

The alarm requires PIN authorization on one side of the door (stockroom entry), and allows unrestricted “hands free” passage from the other side of the door (stockroom exit).


Entering a valid PIN temporarily disarms the alarm, allowing passage into the stockroom. Opening the door without entering a PIN will activate the alarm. An alarm will also activate if the door is propped open for an extended period of time.


The stockroom side of the SSA contains a motion sensor that will disarm the alarm when stockroom motion is detected, permitting “hands free” egress.


Batteries Required
Battery Life
Sound Pressure Level
Default Keypad PIN
Disarm Time on Motion
Disarm on Valid PIN
Default Alarm Setting
Maximum Supervisors PINs
Maximum User PINs
Low Battery Indicator
Invalid PIN Lockout

6 Alkaline C Cell (Not Included)
Approximately 6 Months
Contact Midwest Security Products
8 Seconds
10 Seconds
Continuous Alarm Until Valid PIN Entry
Single Beep Once Every Minute
Keypad will shutdown for 5 minutes after 3 unsuccessful tries