Benefits of Having a High-Security Intelligent Key System for Your Business

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Benefits of Having a High-Security Intelligent Key System for Your Business

Are you looking for a better security solution for your business?  Do you want something with better control at a reasonable cost? An intelligent key system may be the perfect option

Let’s get to know about the intelligent key system and its benefits.

High-Security Intelligent Keys

The evolution in security technology has given us the ability to monitor, schedule, change, update, or even audit openings through intelligent key systems.  Features that were once available only through hard-wired access control systems are now offered in affordable intelligent key systems.

Intelligent key systems can operate as a standalone system, or as an add-on to traditional access control. Integrating intelligent keys with access control gives you the ability to take access control functionality to areas not typically covered by traditional access control.  This also adds audit trails to mechanical overrides.

One of the best features with intelligent key systems is the absence of hard wiring, which makes the systems more cost-effective and easy to install and maintain.

Features of Intelligent Key Systems

The key features of Intelligent Key Systems are:

  • Keys are electronically programmed to give users access to a specific lock or group of locks, during a set timeframe
  • Details of every authorized access and unauthorized attempted access are recorded in both the key and the lock
  • Audit information is retrieved from the key every time the key is refreshed (re-programmed).
  • Audit reports let you quickly identify activities that require investigation
  • Electronic rekeying lets you quickly respond to security threats, personnel changes, and lost or stolen keys without the time and expense of physical rekeying

Benefits of Intelligent Key Systems

Intelligent key systems provide control and data.  You can easily manage who goes where and when they have access.

Easy Upgrade

Upgrading your locking hardware is easy.  Simply replace the commercial-grade locking cylinder with a smart cylinder.  No need to run wires or upgrade hardware.


Updating keys with a Bluetooth smartphone app makes it easy to keep access rights up to date for your mobile workforce.

Efficient System Management

Quickly identify issues and address them immediately with web-based software.


Intelligent key systems are an effective tool for managing access throughout your operation.  At Midwest Security Products, we’ve installed highly effective systems in a wide variety of industries, with turnkey support from design to installation and maintenance.

As an ASSA ABLOY National Accounts Partner, we offer intelligent key systems from Medeco and Abloy Security Locks. The technologies offer best-in-class security with lasting durability.  Give us a call at 800-767-6894 to see how we can help you with your security challenges.

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